This is a quick guide to help you use the library.

  1. When you access the library, the first images you see will be the latest additions to the gallery so keep checking back to see the updates quickly and simply
  2. You can use the serach filters on the right (on the bottom if you are on a small screen devices) to locate a title, year, country etc. These fields are scroll and predictive enabled. This means you can select one of the filters and scroll down the list or just start typing the title, year, etc. and the system will predict what you are looking for
  3. You can use multiple filters but only one at a time. As an example: search the BOOK TITLE for Carrie. This will bring up all books with the title Carrie. Then search the COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION for France. This will bring up the books with the title Carrie issued in the country of France. Then search the PUBLISHER for J’ai Lu. This will bring up all the books with the title Carrie issued in France by J’ai Lu
  4. You can reset all the filters by simply clicking on LIBRARY from the top menu and this will return you to the opening page of the Library
  5. There is a filter called COLLECTIONS. These are built on a criteria that we have set to make it easier to view a related set of books. We can expand these easily so feel free to propose new Collections.
  6. There is a filter called SERIES. You can use this to find ALL the books from a particular series like The Dark Tower or Bill Hodges
  7. Where there are collections of books you can view them individually by title or see the whole set. For example, under the BOOK TITLES filter there are titles like THE DARK TOWER COLLECTIONS and BILL HODGES COLLECTIONS. If you select one of these titles you will see all books which form part of the set. In the case of Dark Tower Collections this will generally be a set of 7 or 8 books.
  8. There is a filter called LIMITEDS. Use this to locate special features and there are lots in here such as
    1. Signed
    2. Artist signed
    3. Rebound
    4. Aftermarket case
    5. Remarque
    6. ARC/Proof
    7. and quite a few more
  9. Some titles have multiple volumes. These are easily identifiable from the book title. Click on these and you can scroll multiple pictures by simply clicking on the thumbnails below the main image. This also works for limited editions where there may be multiple images available.