COPYRIGHT: This site has been built as a free resource for all Stephen King fans around the world to browse some of the fantastic cover artwork that has been published for Stephen King novels. The copyright of each image resides with the originating publishers many of whom enthusiastically gave their permission to showcase their books.

THE BACKGROUND: Some years ago I found a website that displayed lots of Stephen King covers which I felt was a fantastic resource for a new collector (as I was at the time). Due to unforeseen circumstances, the site was not maintained after 2004; I felt this was a big loss to the Stephen King community and a couple of years ago I began to track down the original site owner. The good news is that I found him and after several discussions, he agreed to let me take his idea and build upon it. He very kindly shared with me exclusively all of the pictures he had gathered over time and whilst some were fairly low quality (due to technical restrictions at the time) many are reproduced here. Over time and with your help I hope I can improve the quality of the images throughout the whole site and expand the number of images shown through the contribution of dedicated Stephen King fans and collectors from around the world.

​This site is dedicated to the great Anders Jakobson without whose original foresight this project would never have come to fruition. AND a big shout out to Google, Bing, Yandex, Pinterest, Yahoo and a host of other sites that have shared these images.

The site has taken almost two years to build – why? I hear you ask. Well a lot of that time was research which, I am still continuing now but once I got to the position where I felt I had sufficent images I started to build the website. After two failed attempts of using poor website builders, I opted for WordPress which is what you see today. Building the site was fairly quick (relatively speaking) but then I had to manipulate all of the images using batch operations to compress and resize them (so I could keep the costs of the site down). But then began the mammoth task of attaching the appropriate attributes (title, year, country, publisher, etc.) to each image all of which had to be done one image at a time – with over 9000 images that’s taken me a lot of hours.

AND THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN: If you have a Stephen King book the cover of which is not included in the gallery, please click on the contact tab and follow the instructions. This will give you the ability to submit your cover for inclusion in the appropriate gallery. ​Also, if you have any limited editions which have unique elements please submit multiple pictures of the limitation details such as slipcase/traycase, signatures, remarques, etc. If you have any background details, please include those too.

THE FUTURE: ​As well as continuing to build the content and improve the images I have several other ideas in the pipeline. I am continuing to work on the DESIGNATION FEATURE – recording the ownership of limited editions. – if you are the lucky owner of a lettered or numbered Stephen King book and you would like your ownership recorded, please let me know. Many collectors, like myself, strive to collect the same letters or numbers and by submitting your information I may be able to help collectors to connect with each other to complete their dream collection through trade or sale. Alternatively, email me your list of limited edition wants or items for sale and I will add them to the dedicated WANTED/OFFERED page here on this site. Also, if once you have browsed the site and you would like to see a selection of books grouped as a ‘collection’ for easy retrieval let me know. I have already set up a few collections but I am sure there are more to be created. AND I would like to hear your ideas for what you would like to see in the future – email me, I will be pleased to hear from you.

NOTE – this is not intended to be a sale site and therefore we take no responsibility for any transactions between collectors.

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